Worlds Smallest GPS

Congratulations for being a proud owner of worlds smallest GPS + GSM Tracking device. Lets configure it.

Get Started Guide
Please charge your device for 2 - 4 hours

Know your device first

1. insert gsm sim

Use Micro SIM with 300 mb data, 30 SMS and balance or use postpaid SIM.

  • Switch off device after full charge using power button at side. 
  • Insert SIM 
  • Switch ON device

PLEASE DO not insert or remove SIM when device is on. It may damage the device and void our warranty.

device must come online

device must be configured with your mobile number  (communication number while ordering the device). If you wish to use different number then use following command

123456,sos1,your mobile number#

Download app

its time to get your device in action 


fall in love with our features

Real time location

get real time location GPS location

Locate Global

Our device works from unlimited distance. You can monitor your pet from anywhere in the world

Secure fences

Go to app and set your GEO fence to get alerts the moment your pet goes out of GEO zone of your house or office

Silent listen

Set your number as SOS from app and call to device to listen if your pet howl in your absence.

Alerts and notifications

Get Alerts for Fence In/OUT, Low Battery etc.

Everything unlimited

Nothing should limit your love and care for your pet. Get unlimited logins. notification, alerts, users. You can enjoy with everything unlimited for you and your pet.

Login to web portal

You can also monitor your pet device from our unique multi language web portal

Need manual

Safety at every moment of life

Get SecureMe™ Shield

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