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Inform | Stay Informed

Bring family under SecureMe™  shield. View, share (and control) real-time location, location history, tracking, Secure places notifications, dynamic fence, Safer route, Safety tips ….

Wear It | Download

Download app or connect SecureMe™  devices to get protection. Wear it (device), tap it (mobile) or sense it (SecureMe™  Active shield) to raise alert or receive alert notifications instantly.

Help | Get Helped

SecureMe™ preemptive system provides instant help and rescue. Powered by SocioApps Foundation and mPossible technology to volunteer help or get helped when needed.

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Family Connect

Be connected to family with Real time location sharing and Geo Notify. 

trust circle

Location Sharing

Smart notifications to your family about your movements from preferred locations.


10 Second SOS

Dedicated SOS button which activates within 10 seconds. Raise SOS and eShout for help.

Smart SOS
Smart Secure Fence

Trust Circles

Control your location sharing and Geo Notify with in trust circles. Safeguard your privacy .

Family View

Help others in need

Become Volunteers and help others in case of need. SecureMe notifies you for help.

Safer Volunteer
Smallest and Lightest

Device Connect

View all SecureMe devices in a single window. Connect all your devices  with SecureMe app. 

SecureMe™ innovation


Connect, create safety circle of family, friends and volunteers which empowers you with Safety Shield, emergency alert/s, location sharing, Secure Fence, Smart Notifications, dynamic fence & more …

SecureMe™ Broadcast

Safety shield anytime, anywhere and for everyone. Join our premium safety App, reliable devices and preemptive System developed by best class designers, social innovators and smart developers to bring safety and usability when you need it. SecureMe™ App provides location based services for safer life, loved ones, family and peace of mind to its users. Wearable devices gives stand alone SecureMe™ shield 24 X 7 ready for you. Intuitive algorithms to suggest safer options while at public places or on the move

Location is everything

When it comes to raise SOS or send help; you can only rely on right location and history. 

SecureMe™ App brings your family under SecureMe™ shield. View, share (and control) real time location, location history, tracking, Secure places notifications, dynamic fence, Safer route, Safety tips ….

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