SecureMe™ safePET GPS


Safety Tag For Pets

Concerned about safety of your pets. safePET is smart safety wearable (locater) with global range. Locate, listen surroundings and assure safety of your pet anytime, every time. Stand alone safety with SecureMe technology

  • Size: Smaller size, 40mm X 40mm X 12mm
  • weight: 30g
  • Color: Black, Blue, Gold
  • Features: Real time location, silent listening, Secure GeoFencing Alerts, Online dashboard, GPS + Wifi

SecureMe™ safePET to let you track pet activities

for pets | Inside premises or outside

Real-Time location

Locate in real-time location or get location history with GPS accuracy.

House exit alerts

Get alerted if your pet leaves home or fenced areas using WiFi zones.

Night Lights 

Activate night lights remotely via app to search or make sure other vehicles about pet presence on road.. 

Wireless Charging 

Wireless charging included. Check app for battery status. 

Water Resistant

IP65 casing to prevent water seepage and rugged design

 Silent listening

Check the pet status by a call if you have left your pet inside house or at boarding.

More Features

Always On
Heavy duty battery with superlong backup from 2 to 7 days.
Indoor To Outdoor Alerts
Make unlimited fences to get alerted if your pet leaves any of these defined virtual zones.
Remote Listening
Listen to anxiety bark (when alone) or surrounding sounds (if lost) to help your pet in need.
WiFi Zone IN/OUT Alerts
Get alerts if pets leave Wifi Zones. This will help when pet leaves home accidently.
Night Lights
Night flash to locate your pet in dark. Activate/deactivate via app whenever required.
GPS Accuracy
Get the point location with GPS accuracy indoor.
WiFi Location
Get Indoor location using Open Wifi networks. Higher accuracy and better reliability.

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 12 mm


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