SecureMe™ iTag


Real-time monitoring for kids when indoor and outdoor  for school activities or at school premises is of core importance for safety. Any other tracker fails to work  indoor. So we have developed a unique patent applied product for kids safety in school or during transit or at otdoor event. SecureMe iTAG ensure kids safety and provide them freedom to move around with confidence.

Free Device only pay for services. Ask your school for SecureMe™ Protection

Unsafe at Schools; get SecureMe™ iTAG

for kids, employee’s, staff | Inside premises or outside

Real-Time location

Locate in real-time location with indoors room level accuracy.

No Go Zone Auto Alerts

Get alerted if your kid/student or staff enters no go zone or over stay at a unsafe place.

School Bus Entry/Exit/presence 

Be aware if the kid is in the school bus/van. iTAG ensures the presence during travel. 

ID card shape | light and portable 

Shape of a ID card and works with active and passive readers. 

Auto Register

Register | registered | transfer in just <10 seconds. One click operation

 Unlimited users

Share your vehicle locations to unlimited users and control what they see.


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