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24 x 7 Smart safety

Stay informed and connected to your loved ones using our app and wearable devices

GPS Trackers

Light, Small watch and smart card GPS for Kids safety in Schools, play grounds, tutions and home. Get mobile app and portal free for lifetime.

Girl Safety

Smart, deceptive GSM Panic button pendant for women to raise safety SOS immediately.

Elderly care

Pocket size GSM connected safety device to SOS, talking and tracking the elders and patients. Smart call, mobile app and portal included. Choose your product now.

Car/Truck Safety

Locate, monitor and control your vehicles 24 x7 using SecureMe Vtrack Solutions. With Vibration and ignition sensors. 

Bike Tracker

Track your bike from anywhere, using smart control, monitoring round the clock.  Get Mobile alerts and email alerts for any alert. 

Pet Trackers

Pets are indispensable part of our family. Our Pet GPS device helps your pet from any miss happening. 


choose from long term or short term plans


24 x 7 safety for you, your family and loved ones.

Global Safety APP

Universal safety shield using SecureMe™ App with SOS and eShout broadcast inbuilt. Raise alert in seconds and get eHelp when you need it the most. Connected & Informed Global safety for all.

Smart Wearable Safety

Small size, Light weight and deceptive safety wearables with SecureMe™ Shield built in. Stay connected with these independent GPS, GPRS based standalone safety.

eShout | eHelp | eResponse

SOS button with eShout facility to broadcast your request for help to all nearby citizen hero's, authorities and helpers. Get SecureMe™ Safety shield.

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How to get SecureMe™ Safety Shield

Get SecureMe™ App

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Add SecureMe™ Devices

Get SecureMe™ Devices from our store and connect your devices to your portal. 


Be SecureMe™ Volunteer to help people in their needs. 

SecureMe™ SAFETY SHIELD Features

PreEmptive Safety Auto Alerts

SecureMe PreEmptive safety Auto suggestion helps you take informed and conscious decisions. Get Smartphone app or standalone devices. My  Places and My Circle helps you keep your trusted contacts informed about your safety and well being.

eShout | eHelp

just with a press of SOS you can broadcast your need of help to nearby Volunteer Heroes. eHelp gets you an instant help and inform authorities to help you rescuey in shortest time span. 

Standalone devices for kids, elders, young women and patients. GPS, GPRS standalone devices to connect users to SecureMe™ Safety shield and nearby hero’s in case of emergency. Our devices are being used from a 1 year old kid to 95 year old women. 

Enterprise | Govt.

Get SecureMe™ safety benefits for your organisation or become part of the SecureMe™ Volunteer group. Get benefited by SecureMe™ AI engine for extending all round 360º safety for your organisation.

SecureMe™ App and Devices

Family Connect

Be connected to family with Real time location sharing and Geo Notify. 

trust circle

Location Sharing

Smart notifications to your family about your movements from preferred locations.


10 Second SOS

Dedicated SOS button which activates within 10 seconds. Raise SOS and eShout for help.

Smart SOS
Smart Secure Fence

Trust Circles

Control your location sharing and Geo Notify with in trust circles. Safeguard your privacy .

Family View

Help others in need

Become Volunteers and help others in case of need. SecureMe notifies you for help.

Safer Volunteer
Smallest and Lightest

Device Connect

View all SecureMe devices in a single window. Connect all your devices  with SecureMe app. 

CUSTOMERS Testimonials

"Absolute essential Already using it since last few days to update my current location to my family at all times. Will help if this will also include the go fencing features."
Prasoon B
IT Speciality
“Total Peice of Mind Awesome app and works accurately with the device. Its like must have for my family now."
Mayank Gulia
Tech Enthusiast

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